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Our first dog, a blenheim cavalier Bitch was purchased in 2002, we soon realised this breed is not just a lap dog, but a highly intelligent sporting spaniel.

Our second dog, a rescue border Collie came along a short while after, this is when we started to get involved with agility, at the age of 8 months he came with his problems, mainly very people aggresive, but with a lot of patience and perseverance we got through this.

In 2004 we bred a litter from our cavalier bitch,she had 4 puppies, 2 blenheim dogs and 2 Tri colour dogs, we kept a blenheim dog, named Ned, 'Silvarcea Secret Agent'.

It was in 2004 at an agility competition we spotted an Australian Shepherd and couldnt believe what we were seeing, the speed of the border collie but could turn on a sixpence!! We then decided to look into the breed to see if it was a breed for us, and after meeting a few more we decided it was.After about 8 months of waiting along came our first Aussie, a blue merle bitch, she has exceded all expectations and is the dog of a life time, a year later a second Aussie came along and we are now totally hooked!

Louise and Danny Fuller